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Ever sensed you’ve lived another life before this one? Understanding past lives can be key to personal transformation.  Guided by a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, discover your deepest self.


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The type of Past Life Regression practiced by Susan and Reverend Valerie is called Deep Memory Process©.

DMP© was developed by Roger Woolger, Ph.D. who was a British-American Jungian Analyst, psychotherapist, lecturer, and author.  

It is a practical and highly effective therapy of the soul, which combines active imagination (Jung), bodywork (Reich), and psychodrama (Moreno) with shamanic/spirit journeying and integration between lifetimes derived from the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Deep Memory Process© has transformed the lives of thousands of individuals.  Where many therapies focus mainly on the mental level, Deep Memory Process© transforms body, mind, emotion and spirit simultaneously.  

The results for clients are profound. Deep healing may occur in just a few sessions.

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