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Past Life Regression sessions

Welcome to The Salem Center for Past Life Regression
Ever sensed you’ve lived another life before this one? Understanding past lives can be key to personal transformation.  Guided by a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, discover your deepest self.

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The type of Past Life Regression practiced by Susan and Reverend Valerie is a called Deep Memory Process©.

DMP© was developed by Roger Woolger, Ph.D who was a British-American Jungian Analyst, psychotherapist, lecturer, and author.  

It is a practical and highly effective therapy of the soul, which combines active imagination (Jung), body work (Reich), and psychodrama (Moreno) with shamanic/spirit journeying and integration between lifetimes derived from the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Deep Memory Process© has transformed the lives of thousands of individuals.

Where many therapies focus mainly on the mental level, Deep Memory Process© transforms body, mind, emotion and spirit simultaneously.  

The results for clients are profound. Deep healing may occur in just a few sessions.

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