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From clients all over the world


Deckard Cain

"I met with Susan yesterday, and I can't speak more highly of our time together. She made me feel completely comfortable and walked me through every step of the process. More importantly, the experience was extremely helpful and cathartic for me. I gained some valuable insights and feel like I'm on the path that I should be and fulfilling my life purpose. I highly recommend Susan for anyone with questions about where they've been and where they are heading."

Asia Strong

"What a beautiful experience! Susan was the perfect guide through my past life. She was right, the soul knows exactly what you need to see and understand. I was filed with such joy and love, I was so moved. The idea is scary at first for some, but if you've been thinking of doing this and haven't yet, I highly recommend it. I had no idea how easy it would be to take a glimpse into one of my souls many earthly adventures. Susan is a true professional."

"If you want to do one good thing for yourself, that will empower you and grant you clarity, make an appointment with Susan. I left our session with clarity and confidence to move forward. Susan is very professional, knowledgeable, respectful and everything else you would want in someone that is helping guide you through lifetimes. She is warm and explains the whole process to you so you gain the most out of your session. I was extremely impressed and thankful for the whole session."

Jim McAllister

"When embarking on an adventure completely outside the limits of your comfort zone, it’s best to be guided by somebody you can trust and who knows what they are doing. And thanks to Susan D, (who has studied and worked with the best in the field) my past life regression experience was both comfortable and fascinating. I felt awkward in the beginning, but the combination of her soothing demeanor and steady guidance helped me get through it and to go where I never thought I would go. As the session progressed I found myself in a very cool place, and, even more importantly, felt very sure of what I was experiencing. Lots of details, scenes, and feelings surfaced as I went deeper into my past life which fortunately was a very pleasant one. I could see where it lay the groundwork for the present iteration of me and is really making me look at where I want to be going forward. Thank you, Susan, my friend - I'm very glad I did this and you are the main reason I was willing to try it."

Kristin B.

"I was quite nervous to move ahead & try a past life regression, but Susan made me feel comfortable as soon as I entered her space. And after my experience, which was quite unique and overwhelming, she was very encouraging and helped me to understand what had happened and its broader meaning for my life. I have since processed some outstanding issues and moved forward to the next stage. Many thanks for a truly healing experience!"

Tammy Wright

"Susan is one of the most kind and understanding people I've ever met. She really guided me to many answers I was looking for, and raised a few new ones for me to explore. Overall a great learning experience and would recommend her to anyone looking to learn about past life experiences."

Paul Luchini

"Susan was most helpful in guiding me through my past life journey- a journey that shines light on the present, giving me insight and understanding of who I am. It was a very worthwhile experience- giving me valuable information not available through traditional therapy. I am grateful to Susan for her presence and healing way. She has a special gift for creating the atmosphere of trust necessary for me to relax and travel within."

Deb Brewer

"My past life regression with Susan was very meaningful. I didn't quite know what to expect. The experience showed me what my soul was needing me to see and hear, in essence the 'missing link' in this lifetime. It was a beautiful experience and I felt at peace and 'complete' in a spiritual way afterwards. I felt a soothing, peaceful calm. In some ways I felt wiser. Susan's process, compassion, personal skill and knowledge welcomed me, warmed me, and led me down the spiritual path. I would highly recommend this experience with Susan!"

Danyell Stevens-Giguere

"I had a wonderful experience! I was enthusiastic, but not really sure. I am so glad I traveled to go through this journey. Susan made me feel safe and secure. At some points I felt a little silly but Susan guided me and made me feel comfortable. Once I gave in to the process I was so glad I did. It was like a years worth of therapy in two hours! I feel some inner peace which I never thought would happen!"

Deanne Edmonton

“My time with Susan was incredible! She did everything she could to help me relax, and provided a safe, comfortable space to allow me to experience something truly enlightening. After my past life regression I feel as if I know myself better and can explain some of the things I have always questioned. Thank you for the opportunity to process the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that I couldn't identify the origins of myself. I feel as though a piece of my soul has been given a chance to heal. For that, I am incredibly grateful. I will never forget you Susan. "

Sandi S. Hebron

​"Thank you, Susan, for the enlightening past life regression. Each day I find new meaning in our session. In a safe and secure environment, I was able to understand repeating and destructive patterns in my life, especially my career. I was even able to validate some of the information afterwards, which was amazing. I am looking forward to the possibility of another session."

Amy Jabbour

"​I wanted to get a testimonial to you. Let me tell you, I am just realizing how powerful this work really is and you truly helped me to figure out a big part of my puzzle.I will book another session soon."

Leah K

​"Susan was wonderful in guiding me through my past life journey. Before seeing her, I could never understand why I have the type of relationships that I have now. So many things make more sense now and it has enabled me to be more in control of issues that I never thought I would be able to overcome. The session we had has brought me into a new light and view of the world. I definitely look forward to my next session. Thank you Susan!"

Elaine Tavis

"​Susan gently led me to a place of deep relaxation that allowed me to connect with a life that held the key to many of the experiences I've had in this life time. I felt completely in control through the session and felt a new state of awareness to my true self and path at this time in this place. Thank you Susan."

Linda Weltner

​"Now I understand why I am so judgmental about people who feel helpless to change. I experienced my own passivity in a former life and understand myself in ways my former therapy wasn't able to reach, thanks to Susan's calm and reassuring guidance.

Paul DuPons

"Susan led me to a fantastic experience of actually being in my past life while I was lying safely on the sofa in her office. I found out why I am always cold, why I think I am in charge of things and where those and some other traits I have came from. I cannot thank you enough, Susan. You gave me the ability to find my 'puzzle pieces' for parts of this life."

Kevin Wright

"Susan helped me fill in some "holes" in recurring dreams I've had all my life. These dreams I came to realize through Susan's sessions were actually memories from past lives I had lived. Further sessions revealed spirits from my past and future I had never met and have yet to meet! Thank you Susan for a truly enlightening and spiritual experience!"

Nicole Jackson

"I have to thank you so much for my past life regression session, it was amazing and life changing! Your guidance, nurturance and compassion allowed me the trust and comfort needed to achieve this deep state of consciousness. I am able to see things much differently, much clearer and with am much deeper understanding. This past life is now a part of my conscious being; I am now connected so much more deeply because of it! 

ps...I would love to schedule another session"

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