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Rev. Valerie Legeay

 Past Life Regression Therapist Rev. Valerie Legeay.

Rev. Valerie LEGEAY was born in Paris, France. Her life has been an interesting meandering searching for inner knowledge & compassionate truth. Along the way, she became an Opera singer, a Sundancer, a lifelong Pilgrim, a Healer, and ah! Yes! An interfaith/interspiritual minister. She trained vocally with Ron deFesi while being stage manager for various community theaters.

She’s fond of saying:
“You can take the singer out of the theater, but you can never take the opera out of the singer!”.

In 2001, she walked the pilgrimage of St James from Le Puy, France to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. A life changing experience that left her ready to go anytime for “a little walk” to get clarity on any subject.

Rev. Valerie has been studying holistic medicine for the past 30 years. Anatomy and physiology, nutrition, aromatherapy, herbology, sound healing, energy work of various denomination. She became a licensed esthetician and later on a massage therapist. She found a vocation in Past Life Regression while studying Deep Memory Process by Roger Woolger PhD and Patricia Walsh. DMP allowed her to connect all her skills in one place.

Her motto on DMP is:
“You don’t know you were missing it until you get it back.”

Rev. Valerie firmly believe that by healing old rifts with ancestors, by releasing emotionally stuck spirits, by untethering earthbound spirits from their material attachments, clearing spaces of unwelcome thought forms and past events, it becomes possible to welcome the present whole, uncluttered and be joyfully liberated to live life fully present in the moment.

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